“It’s great to hear a new generation of music purveyors of the roots of the blues. Iker Piris is just that. Carry the torch high and don’t back down music is what you will hear on his latest release. Stinging guitar and raw vocals are sure to please!”

[…] “En pleno, y convulso, siglo XXI, y desde esta pequeña parcela situada en el suroeste de Europa, siguen sobrando motivos para entonar un blues, algo para lo que por supuesto se necesita talento, ingrediente del que -como lleva años demostrando- Iker Piris anda sobrado”

[…] “Iker Piris’s new album delivers. You can hear the influence of the old masters – Pee Wee Crayton, Tiny Grimes, JB Lenoir-  but with a unique twist, and a surprise around every corner. Iker’s unflinching lyrics and a tough band really make this album happen.”

[…] Iker is a true student of the blues, a connoisseur of traditional and modern blues!”

[…] “Durante 74 humeantes minutos se cascaron 12 piezas de ritmo y blues movedor y conmovedor. Con sonido retro y eléctrico, añejo pero no purista, Iker cantó como un negro pero sin imitarlos y tocó la guitarra con multiplicidad de recursos y alargándose en los punteos mientras le escoltaban con sobriedad sus Dual Electras”

[…]”Iker Piris makes a great debut with his Dual Electras with “Electra”. He knows how to appeal to a broad roots audience with his own work and a variety of styles”

“The Spanish singer/guitarist has been churning out infectious blues and R&B for the past decade, his latest CD “Electra” may in fact be his best effort yet. Piris has assembled a dynamically tight rhythm section comprised of upright bassist Abdell B.Bop and drummer Andy Martin to bring this potent set of ten fresh hot original songs to life”

[…] “Lovin’ the band name, lovin’ the music, this Spanish blues man can bring it on home, babies. Tough stuff!“ Rhythm Highways

[…] “Electra” en el top de los mejores discos de blues nacionales de este 2020“. Ciudad Criolla

[…]”Electra from Iker Piris & His Dual Electras, is a multi-paced Jump Blues, self-penned album from the Spanish singer/songwriter that shows that the blues is alive and well in Europe. The Dual Electras backing Iker consist of Frenchmen, double bass player Abdell B. Bop, and drummer Andy Martin. And a great job they do too. This is an album I would definitely, “Give it 5”. If you have any interest or love of the blues, this album is a must for you. This is one that will be getting played in the Snow household a lot.Slap that Bass, AJ’s Rockin Music Reviews